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Network Economics


The evolution of today's communication networks is no longer a pure engineering issue. The service providers need to perform careful economic analysis to decide whether to deploy a technology, how to attract the end-users, and how to compete with other providers in the same industry. The end-users need to evaluate the economic benefits of using the services from one or more service providers. All these decisions are tightly coupled with the details of the specific technologies, and are heavily affected by the so-called network externalities. We focus on the study such economics issues in the area of wireless communications networks and Internet, using mathematical tools such as optimization, pricing, and game theory.



Representative Publications
Duan, Lingjie, Jianwei Huang, and Jean Walrand. "Economic Analysis of 4G Upgrade Timing." IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. 14.5 (2015): 975-989. Download: 4GUpgrade_TMC_2014.pdf (2.45 MB)
Ma, Qian, et al. A Game-Theoretic Analysis of User Behaviors in Crowdsourced Wireless Community Networks. IEEE WiOpt (Best Student Paper Award). Mumbai, India, 2015. Download: FON_WiOpt2015.pdf (1022.8 KB)
Luo, Yuan, Lin Gao, and Jianwei Huang. "MINE GOLD to Deliver Green Cognitive Communications." IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications. 33 (2015): 2749-2760. Download: 07274321.pdf (2.15 MB)
Yu, Junlin, et al. Mobile Data Trading: A Behavioral Economics Perspective. IEEE WiOpt. Mumbai, India, 2015. Download: WiOpt2015_JunlinYu.pdf (556.87 KB)
Luo, Yuan, Lin Gao, and Jianwei Huang. "Price and Inventory Competition in Oligopoly TV White Space Markets." IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications. 53.5 (2015): 82-88. Download: TVWS_competition_JSAC_2014.pdf (3.29 MB)
Chen, Xu, and Jianwei Huang. "Spatial Spectrum Access Game." IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. 14.3 (2015): 646-659. Download: SpatialGame-TMC.pdf (1.09 MB)
Duan, Lingjie, et al. "Motivating Smartphone Collaboration in Data Acquisition and Distributed Computing." IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. 13.10 (2014): 2320-2333. Download: TMC_SmartPhoneCollabration.pdf (789.75 KB)
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Gajic, Vojislav, Jianwei Huang, and Bixio Rimoldi. "Competition of Wireless Providers for Atomic Users." IEEE Transactions on Networking. 22.2 (2014): 512-525. Download: GajicHuangRimoldi-TON2013.pdf (2.88 MB)
Li, Shuqin, Jianwei Huang, and Shuo-yen Robert Li. "Dynamic Profit Maximization of Cognitive Mobile Virtual Network Operator." IEEE Transactions of Mobile Computing. 13.3 (2014): 526-540. Download: DynamicCVNO_TMC_final.pdf (1.64 MB)
Gao, Lin, et al. Hybrid Data Pricing for Network-Assisted User-Provided Connectivity. IEEE INFOCOM. Toronto, Canada, 2014. Download: SocialBandwidth_INFOCOM2014.pdf (831.72 KB)
He, Jian, et al. "On the Cost-QoE Trade-off for Cloud-based Video Streaming under Amazon EC2’s Pricing Models." IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology. 24.4 (2014): 669-680. Download: HeCSVT2014.pdf (1.78 MB)
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Luo, Yuan, Lin Gao, and Jianwei Huang Trade Information, Not Spectrum: A Novel TV White Space Information Market Model. IEEE WiOpt (Best Paper Award). Hammamet, Tunisia, 2014. Download: WiOpt2014_LuoGaoHuang.pdf (442.92 KB)
Duan, Lingjie, Jianwei Huang, and Biying Shou. "Economics of Femtocell Service Provision." IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. 12.11 (2013): 2261-2273. Download: TMC_Femtocell_Final.pdf (3.17 MB)

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