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Book Chapter
D. Xu, Dwoskin, J. , Huang, J. , Lan, T. , Lee, R. , and Chiang, M. , Key Management in Sensor Networks, in Theoretical Aspects of Distributed Computing in Sensor Networks , Springer, 2010.PDF icon KeyBookChapterFinal.pdf (566.27 KB)
Conference Article
Y. Chen, Duan, L. , Huang, J. , and Zhang, Q. , Balance of revenue and social welfare in FCC's spectrum allocation, IEEE INFOCOM. Turin, Italy, 2013.PDF icon 1569647993.pdf (657.96 KB)
L. Duan, Huang, J. , and Shou, B. , Cognitive Mobile Virtual Network Operator: Investment and Pricing with Supply Uncertainty, IEEE INFOCOM. San Diego, CA, USA, 2010.PDF icon CVNO_INFOCOM10.pdf (293.4 KB)
L. Duan, Huang, J. , and Shou, B. , Competition with Dynamic Spectrum Leasing, IEEE DySPAN. Singapore, 2010.PDF icon DySPAN10.pdf (313.35 KB)
L. Duan, Gao, L. , and Huang, J. , Contract-based Cooperative Spectrum Sharing, IEEE Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks (DySPAN). Aachen, Germany, 2011.PDF icon Contract_DySPAN_2011.pdf (393.78 KB)
L. Duan, Huang, J. , and Walrand, J. , Economic Analysis of 4G Network Upgrade, IEEE INFOCOM. Turin, Italy, 2013.PDF icon 1569647391.pdf (763.87 KB)
L. Duan and Huang, J. , Economic Viability of femtocell Service Provision, International Conference on Game Theory for Networks (GameNets). Shanghai, China, 2011.PDF icon FemtocellGamenets2011.pdf (372.08 KB)
C. Jiang, Gao, L. , Duan, L. , and Huang, J. , Economics of Peer-to-Peer Mobile Crowdsensing, IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM). San Diego, CA, USA, 2015.PDF icon 07417152.pdf (207.37 KB)
C. Jiang, Gao, L. , Duan, L. , and Huang, J. , Exploiting data reuse in mobile crowdsensing, IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM). IEEE, pp. 1–6, 2016.PDF icon 07841828.pdf (238.91 KB)
Y. Xiao, Huang, J. , Yuen, C. , and Dasilva, L. A. , Fairness and Efficiency Tradeoffs for User Cooperation in Distributed Wireless Networks, IEEE INFOCOM - Mini Conference. Turin, Italy , 2013.PDF icon 1569648475.pdf (234.71 KB)
L. Duan, Huang, J. , and Shou, B. , Femtocell Service Provision with Dual Channel Competition, ITC'24 Workshop on Telecom Economics, Engineering and Policy. Krakow, Poland, 2012.PDF icon ITC2012.pdf (473.64 KB)
L. Duan, Kubo, T. , Sugiyama, K. , Huang, J. , Hasegawa, T. , and Walrand, J. , Incentive Mechanisms for Smartphone Collaboration in Data Acquisition and Distributed Computing, IEEE INFOCOM. Orlando, FL, USA, 2012.PDF icon INFOCOM12-SmartPhone.pdf (175.83 KB)
C. Jiang, Duan, L. , and Huang, J. , Joint Spectrum Pricing and Admission Control for Heterogeneous Secondary Users, IEEE WiOpt. Hammamet, Tunisia, 2014.PDF icon DynamicPricing_WiOpt2014.pdf (270.89 KB)
L. Duan, Huang, J. , and Shou, B. , Optimal Pricing for Local and Global WiFi Markets, IEEE INFOCOM. Turin, Italy, 2013.PDF icon 1569647387.pdf (1016.92 KB)
D. Xu, Huang, J. , Dwoskin, J. , Chiang, M. , and Lee, R. , Re-examining Probabilistic Versus Deterministic Key Management, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory. Nice, France, 2007.PDF icon ISIT07[1].pdf (159.72 KB)
J. Dwoskin, Xu, D. , Huang, J. , Chiang, M. , and Lee, R. , Secure Key Management Architecture Against Sensor-Node Fabrication Attacks, IEEE Global Communications Conference. pp. 166–171, 2007.PDF icon Key_Globecom07[1].pdf (126.48 KB)
W. Dang, Tao, M. , Mu, H. , and Huang, J. , Subcarrier-Pair Based Resource Allocation for Cooperative AF Multi-Relay OFDM Systems, IEEE Global Communications Conference. 2009.PDF icon OFDM_Globecom2009.pdf (222.68 KB)
Journal Article
L. Duan, Min, A. , Huang, J. , and Shin, K. , Attack Prevention for Collaborative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 2012.PDF icon CogSecurityJSACFinal.pdf (810.98 KB)
Y. Chen, Duan, L. , Huang, J. , and Zhang, Q. , Balancing Income and User Utility in Spectrum Allocation, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, vol. 14, no. 12, pp. 2466-2473, 2015.PDF icon 07035108.pdf (940.78 KB)
L. Duan, Shou, B. , and Huang, J. , Capacity Allocation and Pricing Strategies for Wireless Femtocell Services, Production and Operations Management, vol. 25, no. 5, pp. 866–882, 2016.PDF icon Duan_et_al-2015-Production_and_Operations_Management.pdf (1009.28 KB)