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Duan, Lingjie, Jianwei Huang, and Jean Walrand Economic Analysis of 4G Network Upgrade. IEEE INFOCOM. Turin, Italy, 2013. Download: 1569647391.pdf (763.87 KB)
Gao, Lin, et al. Economics of Mobile Data Offloading. 2nd Smart Data Pricing Workshop (co-located with IEEE INFOCOM). Turin, Italy, 2013. Download: SDP13_DataOffload.pdf (1.5 MB)
Wang, Hao, et al. Exploring Smart Grid and Data Center Interactions for Electric Power Load Balancings. ACM Greenmetrics. Pittsburg, USA, 2013. Download: GreenMetrics2013.pdf (253.76 KB)
Xiao, Yong, et al. Fairness and Efficiency Tradeoffs for User Cooperation in Distributed Wireless Networks. IEEE INFOCOM - Mini Conference. Turin, Italy , 2013. Download: 1569648475.pdf (234.71 KB)
Law, Lok Man Game Theoretic Analysis of Congested Wireless Networks. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2013. Download: thesis_Janice_1007028160.pdf (1.7 MB)
Gao, Lin, et al. "An Integrated Contract and Auction Design for Secondary Spectrum Trading." IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications. 31.3 (2013): 581-592. Download: GaoHuangChenShou_JSAC2013.pdf (1.06 MB)
Mohsenian-Rad, Amir-Hamed, et al. "Inter-Session Network Coding with Strategic Users: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Network Coding." IEEE Transactions on Communications. 61.4 (2013): 1473-1484. Download: TCOM-11-0555.pdf (605.03 KB)
Iosifidis, George, et al. An Iterative Double Auction for Mobile Data Offloading. IEEE WiOpt (Best Paper Award). Tsukuba Science City, Japan, 2013. Download: DataOffloading_IDA.pdf (525.55 KB)
Cheung, Man Hon, and Jianwei Huang Optimal Delayed Wi-Fi Offloading. IEEE WiOPT. Tsukuba Science City, Japan, 2013. Download: WiOPT-DelayOffloading.pdf (429.5 KB)
Duan, Lingjie, Jianwei Huang, and Biying Shou Optimal Pricing for Local and Global WiFi Markets. IEEE INFOCOM. Turin, Italy, 2013. Download: 1569647387.pdf (1016.92 KB)
Southwell, Richard, Xu Chen, and Jianwei Huang Quality of Service Satisfaction Games for Spectrum Sharing. IEEE INFOCOM - Mini Conference. Turin, Italy, 2013. Download: 1569647131.pdf (437.92 KB)
Luo, Yuan, Lin Gao, and Jianwei Huang White Space Ecosystem: A Secondary Network Operator's Perspective. IEEE GLOBECOM. Atlanta, USA, 2013. Download: GLOBECOM2013.pdf (1.82 MB)
Duan, Lingjie, Jianwei Huang, and Biying Shou Femtocell Service Provision with Dual Channel Competition. ITC'24 Workshop on Telecom Economics, Engineering and Policy. Krakow, Poland, 2012. Download: ITC2012.pdf (473.64 KB)
Southwell, Richard, Jianwei Huang, and Biying Shou Physical Interference Model Based Spectrum Sharing with Generalized Spatial Congestion Games. IEEE International Conference on Communication Systems (ICCS). Singapore, 2012. Download: ICCS2012.pdf (378.45 KB)
Southwell, Richard, et al. Convergence Dynamics of Graphical Congestion Games. International Conference on Game Theory for Networks (GameNets)., 2012. Download: gamenets12.pdf (642.97 KB)
Law, Lok Man, Fen Hou, and Jianwei Huang Partial Cooperation for Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Network. International Workshop on Resource Allocation and Cooperation in Wireless Networks (RAWNET)., 2012. Download: RAWNET.pdf (286.18 KB)
Gao, Lin, et al. ContrAuction: An Integrated Contract and Auction Design for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing. Conference on Information Sciences and Systems. Princeton, NJ, USA, 2012. Download: GaoCISS2012.pdf (468.13 KB)
Fu, Liqun, Yingjun Zhang, and Jianwei Huang Energy Efficient Transmissions in MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks. Conference on Information Sciences and Systems. Princeton, NJ, USA, 2012. Download: FuCISS2012.pdf (326.39 KB)
Chen, Xu, and Jianwei Huang Game Theoretic Analysis of Distributed Spectrum Sharing With Database. IEEE ICDCS. Macau, China, 2012. Download: ICDCS2012.pdf (254.54 KB)
Li, Shuqin, Jianwei Huang, and Shuo-Yen Li Profit Maximization of Cognitive Virtual Network Operator in A Dynamic Wireless Network. IEEE ICC. Ottawa, Canada, 2012. Download: LiICC2012.pdf (191.49 KB)

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