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In Press
H. Wang and Huang, J. , Incentivizing Energy Trading for Interconnected Microgrids, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, In Press.PDF icon 07582518.pdf (1.03 MB)
Q. Ma, Gao, L. , Liu, Y. - F. , and Huang, J. , Incentivizing Wi-Fi Network Crowdsourcing: A Contract Theoretic Approach, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, In Press.PDF icon 08350371.pdf (2.08 MB)
H. Shah-Mansouri, Wong, V. W. S. , and Huang, J. , An Incentive Framework for Mobile Data Offloading Market under Price Competition, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, vol. 16, no. 11, pp. 2983 - 2999, 2017.PDF icon 07888448.pdf (1.06 MB)
Q. Ma, Incentive Mechanism Design for Networked Markets. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2017.PDF icon PhDThesis_Qian_Ma_2017.pdf (1.53 MB)
Y. Luo, Gao, L. , and Huang, J. , An Integrated Spectrum and Information Market for Green Cognitive Communications, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, vol. 34, no. 12, pp. 3326–3338, 2016.PDF icon 07542600.pdf (992.94 KB)
X. Chen and Huang, J. , Imitation-based Social Spectrum Sharing, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, vol. 14, no. 6, pp. 1189 - 1202, 2015.PDF icon Imitation_TMC_2014.pdf (2.82 MB)
M. M. Khalili, Gao, L. , Huang, J. , and Khalaj, B. H. , Incentive Design and Market Evolution of Mobile User-Provided Networks, IEEE INFOCOM Smart Data Pricing Workshop. Hong Kong, 2015.PDF icon SDP2015_Gao.pdf (536.42 KB)
G. Iosifidis, Gao, L. , Huang, J. , and Tassiulas, L. , Incentive Mechanisms for User-Provided Networks, IEEE Communications Magazine, vol. 52, no. 9, pp. 20-27, 2014.PDF icon UCNComMagazine.pdf (736.77 KB)
Y. Luo, Gao, L. , and Huang, J. , Information Market for TV White Space. IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Smart Data Pricing, 2014.PDF icon SDP2014.pdf (1.47 MB)
L. Gao, Huang, J. , Chen, Y. - J. , and Shou, B. , An Integrated Contract and Auction Design for Secondary Spectrum Trading, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, vol. 31, no. 3, p. 581--592, 2013.PDF icon GaoHuangChenShou_JSAC2013.pdf (1.06 MB)
A. - H. Mohsenian-Rad, Huang, J. , Wong, V. W. S. , Jaggi, S. , and Schober, R. , Inter-Session Network Coding with Strategic Users: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Network Coding, IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol. 61, no. 4, pp. 1473 – 1484, 2013.PDF icon TCOM-11-0555.pdf (605.03 KB)
G. Iosifidis, Gao, L. , Huang, J. , and Tassiulas, L. , An Iterative Double Auction for Mobile Data Offloading, IEEE WiOpt (Best Paper Award). Tsukuba Science City, Japan, 2013.PDF icon DataOffloading_IDA.pdf (525.55 KB)
X. Chen and Huang, J. , Imitative Spectrum Access, IEEE WiOpt. Paderborn, Germany, 2012.PDF icon ChenWiOPT2012.pdf (2.56 MB)
L. Duan, Kubo, T. , Sugiyama, K. , Huang, J. , Hasegawa, T. , and Walrand, J. , Incentive Mechanisms for Smartphone Collaboration in Data Acquisition and Distributed Computing, IEEE INFOCOM. Orlando, FL, USA, 2012.PDF icon INFOCOM12-SmartPhone.pdf (175.83 KB)
L. Duan, Huang, J. , and Shou, B. , Investment and Pricing with Spectrum Uncertainty: A Cognitive Operator's Perspective, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2011.PDF icon TMC_Monopoly_CameraReady.pdf (3.32 MB)