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Hou, Fen, and Jianwei Huang Dynamic Channel Selection in Cognitive Radio Network with Channel Heterogeneity. IEEE Global Communications Conference (Best Paper Award). Miami, Florida, USA, 2010. Download: CogChannelSelection.pdf (302.17 KB)
Duan, Lingjie, Jianwei Huang, and Biying Shou Competition with Dynamic Spectrum Leasing. IEEE DySPAN. Singapore, 2010. Download: DySPAN10.pdf (313.35 KB)
Fu, Liqun, et al. Energy Conservation and Interference Mitigation: From Decoupling Property to Win-Win Strategy. IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. Atlanta, USA, 2010. Download: CDC2010.pdf (195.37 KB)
Gajic, Vojislav, Jianwei Huang, and Bixio Rimoldi Competition of Wireless Providers for Atomic Users: Equilibrium and Social Optimality. Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing. Monticello, IL, USA, 2009. Download: Allerton09.pdf (207.95 KB)
Huang, Jianwei, and Xiwei Huang Revenue Management for Cognitive Spectrum Underlay Networks: An Interference Elasticity Perspective. Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (Best Paper Award). Shanghai, China, 2009. Download: APCC09[1].pdf (303.12 KB)
Mohsenian-Rad, Amir-Hamed, et al. A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Inter-Session Network Coding. IEEE International Conference on Communications., 2009. Download: ICC_09[1].pdf (194.91 KB)
Zhang, Xiaoxin, et al. Distributed and Optimal Reduced Primal-Dual Algorithm for Uplink OFDM Resource Allocation. IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. Shanghai, China, 2009. Download: cdc09[1].pdf (401.22 KB)
Law, Lok Man, et al. Price of Anarchy of Cognitive MAC Games. IEEE Global Communications Conference., 2009. Download: PoA_Globecom2009.pdf (178.88 KB)
Li, Shuqin, Jianwei Huang, and Shuo-yen Robert Li Revenue Maximization for Communication Networks with Usage-Based Pricing. IEEE Global Communications Conference., 2009. Download: Revenue_globecom09[1].pdf (258.09 KB)
Dang, Wenbing, et al. Subcarrier-Pair Based Resource Allocation for Cooperative AF Multi-Relay OFDM Systems. IEEE Global Communications Conference., 2009. Download: OFDM_Globecom2009.pdf (222.68 KB)
Mohsenian-Rad, Amir-Hamed, et al. Simple, Robust, and Optimal Random Access. IEEE Military Communications Conference. San Diego, CA, USA, 2008. Download: MILCOM08.pdf (260.68 KB)
Ji, Xin, et al. Downlink OFDM Scheduling and Resource Allocation for Delay Constraint SVC Streaming. IEEE International Conference on Communications., 2008. Download: ICC2008_SVC[1].pdf (131.06 KB)
Fu, Liqun, Soung-Chang Liew, and Jianwei Huang Joint Power Control and Link Scheduling in Wireless Networks for Throughput Optimization. IEEE International Conference on Communications., 2008. Download: ICC2008_Scheduling[1].pdf (195.64 KB)
Li, Fulu, Jianwei Huang, and Andrew Lippman A Linear Integer Programming Approach to Analyze P2P Media Streaming. Conference on Information Sciences and Systems. Princeton University, NJ, USA, 2008. Download: CISS08-P2P[1].pdf (104.98 KB)
Chen, Minghua, and Jianwei Huang Optimal Resource Allocation for OFDM Uplink Communication: A Primal-Dual Approach. Conference on Information Sciences and Systems. Princeton University, NJ, USA, 2008. Download: CISS2008_final[1].pdf (738.7 KB)
Huang, Jianwei, et al. Auction-based Resource Allocation for Multi-relay Asynchronous Cooperative Networks. IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing., 2008. Abstract  Download: ICASSP08_final[1].pdf (211.46 KB)
Cheung, Yang, Dah Ming Chiu, and Jianwei Huang Can Bilateral ISP Peering Lead to Network-wide Cooperative Settlement. IEEE International Conference on Communications and Networks., 2008. Download: ICCCN08[1].pdf (241.47 KB)
Yang, Kai, et al. Distributed Robust Optimization for Communication Networks. IEEE INFOCOM., 2008. Download: DRO_INFOCOM08[1].pdf (298.36 KB)

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