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H. Wang, Huang, J. , Lin, X. , and Mohsenian-Rad, H. , Exploring Smart Grid and Data Center Interactions for Electric Power Load Balancings, ACM Greenmetrics. Pittsburg, USA, 2013.PDF icon GreenMetrics2013.pdf (253.76 KB)
Y. Xiao, Huang, J. , Yuen, C. , and Dasilva, L. A. , Fairness and Efficiency Tradeoffs for User Cooperation in Distributed Wireless Networks, IEEE INFOCOM - Mini Conference. Turin, Italy , 2013.PDF icon 1569648475.pdf (234.71 KB)
M. Chiang, Huang, J. , Xu, D. , Yi, Y. , Tan, C. W. , and Cendrillon, R. , FAST Copper For Broadband Access (invited), IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing. 2007.PDF icon ICASSP07.pdf (177.45 KB)
M. Chiang, Huang, J. , Xu, D. , Yi, Y. , Tan, C. W. , and Cendrillon, R. , FAST Copper For Broadband Access (invited), Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing. Monticello, IL, USA, 2006.PDF icon allerton06.pdf (322.17 KB)
L. Duan, Huang, J. , and Shou, B. , Femtocell Service Provision with Dual Channel Competition, ITC'24 Workshop on Telecom Economics, Engineering and Policy. Krakow, Poland, 2012.PDF icon ITC2012.pdf (473.64 KB)
J. Huang, Berry, R. , and Honig, M. L. , A Game Theoretic Analysis of Distributed Power Control for Spread Spectrum Ad Hoc Networks, IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory. Adelaide, Australia, 2005.PDF icon ISIT05Final[1].pdf (160.42 KB)
X. Chen and Huang, J. , Game Theoretic Analysis of Distributed Spectrum Sharing With Database, IEEE ICDCS. Macau, China, 2012.PDF icon ICDCS2012.pdf (254.54 KB)
J. Huang, Game Theoretical Analysis of Cognitive Radio Networks: An NCEL Perspective, International Workshop on Cognitive Information Processing. Elba Island, Italty, 2010.PDF icon CIP2010_CameraReady.pdf (286.59 KB)
A. - H. Mohsenian-Rad, Huang, J. , Jaggi, S. , Wong, V. W. S. , and Schober, R. , A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Inter-Session Network Coding, IEEE International Conference on Communications. 2009.PDF icon ICC_09[1].pdf (194.91 KB)
Q. Ma, Gao, L. , Liu, Y. F. , and Huang, J. , A Game-Theoretic Analysis of User Behaviors in Crowdsourced Wireless Community Networks, IEEE WiOpt (Best Student Paper Award). Mumbai, India, 2015.PDF icon FON_WiOpt2015.pdf (1022.8 KB)
M. Tang, Gao, L. , and Huang, J. , A General Framework for Crowdsourcing Mobile Communication, Computation, and Caching, IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM). Singapore, 2017.PDF icon Ming_GLOBECOM_2017.pdf (570.11 KB)
L. Gao, Iosifidis, G. , Huang, J. , and Tassiulas, L. , Hybrid Data Pricing for Network-Assisted User-Provided Connectivity, IEEE INFOCOM. Toronto, Canada, 2014.PDF icon SocialBandwidth_INFOCOM2014.pdf (831.72 KB)
H. Wang and Huang, J. , Hybrid Renewable Energy Investment in Microgrid, IEEE SmartGridComm. Venice, Italy, 2014.PDF icon Investment_SmartGridComm_2014.pdf (1.23 MB)
Y. Luo, Gao, L. , and Huang, J. , HySIM: A Hybrid Spectrum and Information Market for TV White Space Networks, IEEE INFOCOM. Hong Kong, 2015.PDF icon p900-luo.pdf (1.72 MB)
X. Chen and Huang, J. , Imitative Spectrum Access, IEEE WiOpt. Paderborn, Germany, 2012.PDF icon ChenWiOPT2012.pdf (2.56 MB)
M. M. Khalili, Gao, L. , Huang, J. , and Khalaj, B. H. , Incentive Design and Market Evolution of Mobile User-Provided Networks, IEEE INFOCOM Smart Data Pricing Workshop. Hong Kong, 2015.PDF icon SDP2015_Gao.pdf (536.42 KB)
L. Duan, Kubo, T. , Sugiyama, K. , Huang, J. , Hasegawa, T. , and Walrand, J. , Incentive Mechanisms for Smartphone Collaboration in Data Acquisition and Distributed Computing, IEEE INFOCOM. Orlando, FL, USA, 2012.PDF icon INFOCOM12-SmartPhone.pdf (175.83 KB)
Y. Luo, Gao, L. , and Huang, J. , Information Market for TV White Space. IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Smart Data Pricing, 2014.PDF icon SDP2014.pdf (1.47 MB)
G. Iosifidis, Gao, L. , Huang, J. , and Tassiulas, L. , An Iterative Double Auction for Mobile Data Offloading, IEEE WiOpt (Best Paper Award). Tsukuba Science City, Japan, 2013.PDF icon DataOffloading_IDA.pdf (525.55 KB)
L. Fu, Liew, S. - C. , and Huang, J. , Joint Power Control and Link Scheduling in Wireless Networks for Throughput Optimization, IEEE International Conference on Communications. pp. 3066–3072, 2008.PDF icon ICC2008_Scheduling[1].pdf (195.64 KB)