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J. Yu, Behavioral Economic Analysis in Wireless Networks. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2017.PDF icon ThesisJunlin170914.pdf (2.62 MB)
J. Yu, Cheung, M. H. , Huang, J. , and Poor, V. , Mobile Data Trading: A Behavioral Economics Perspective, IEEE WiOpt. Mumbai, India, 2015.PDF icon WiOpt2015_JunlinYu.pdf (556.87 KB)
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X. Zhang, Chen, L. , Huang, J. , Chen, M. , and Zhao, Y. , Distributed and Optimal Reduced Primal-Dual Algorithm for Uplink OFDM Resource Allocation, IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. Shanghai, China, 2009.PDF icon cdc09[1].pdf (401.22 KB)
M. Zhang, Huang, J. , and Zhang, R. , Wireless Power Provision as a Public Good, International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc and Wireless Networks (WiOpt). Shanghai, China, 2018.PDF icon WiOpt18_Fin.pdf (319.98 KB)
D. Zhao, Wang, H. , Huang, J. , and Lin, X. , Pricing-based Energy Storage Sharing and Virtual Capacity Allocation, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC). Paris, France, 2017.PDF icon Dongwei_ICC2017.pdf (2.2 MB)
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B. Zhu, Chen, X. , and Huang, J. , Decentralized Spatial Spectrum Access, IEEE ICC. Budapest, Hungary, 2013.PDF icon ICC2013.pdf (904.44 KB)
J. Zhu, Huang, J. , and Zhang, W. , Optimal One-Dimensional Relay Placement for Cognitive Radio Networks, International Conference on Wireless Communications & Signal Processing. Shuzhou, China, 2010.PDF icon CogRelay.pdf (292.11 KB)