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User Provided Networks


The increasing mobile data demand and the proliferation of advanced handheld devices place the user-provided networks (UPNs) at a conspicuous position in next-generation network architectures. There has been growing consensus that UPNs can play a crucial role both in self-organizing and in operator-controlled wireless networks, as they enable the exploitation of the diverse communication needs and resources of different users. However, in UPNs both the availability and the demand for Internet access depend on mobile devices, and therefore the success of such networks relies on active user participation.

In this project, we will focus on designing incentive mechanisms for encouraging user engagement in user-provided networks. Motivated by recently launched business models, we focus on mobile UPNs where the energy consumption and data usage costs are critical and have a large impact on users’ decisions both for requesting and offering UPN services.




Project Team

NCEL Members: Lin Gao,  Jianwei Huang, Qian Ma, and Ming Tang
Collaborators: George Iosifidis (Yale University), Yafeng Liu (Chinese Academy of Science), Lifeng Sun (Tsinghua University), Leandros Tassiula (Yale University)


In Press
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