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Renewable Energy Integrations

Renewable energy sources, in particular wind power, are becoming significant power generation technologies around the world. However, wind powers (and many other renewable energy resources such as solar power) are highly stochastic and often uncontrollable, which makes it difficult to guarantee the balance between load and generation in the power grid at all times. Moreover, wind generation is non-dispatchable, which means that the output of wind turbines must be taken by the grid completely rather than partially based on demand. One possible solution for this issue is to use fast-responding generators (such as natural gas units which are usually expensive and have high carbon footprints) to compensate the fluctuations of the wind turbines output. Alternatively, we can implement advanced demand side management (DSM) programs that adjust the controllable load to match the available power generated. Our focus in this project is on this latter case.

We provide the Hong Kong solar and wind energy generation data to the research community. 



Project Team

NCEL Members: Jianwei Huang
Collaborators: A. Hamed Mohsenian-Rad (Texas Tech University), Chenye Wu (Tsinghua Univesity), and Yuexuan Wang (Tsinghua University)

In Press
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