Mailing Address: 
Professor Jianwei Huang
Room 718, Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building
The Department of Information Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, NT
Hong Kong 
(Hong Kong does not have a zipcode)
Phone: (852) 3943-8353, Fax: (852) 3943-5032
  How To Find Us  
CUHK is located at the "University" MTR Station (i.e., Hong Kong Subway). For an updated MTR map and estimate the travel time between two MTR stations, please check the MTR Trip Planner
How to reach Exit D at the University Station: If you travel towards the Lo Wu/Lok Ma Chau direction, please walk along the train's traveling direction after you get off the train. Exit D is at the end of the platform.
How to reach the Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building.
Prof. Jianwei Huang's office is Room 718, Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building.